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TRAMONTO the evening incense

TRAMONTO the evening incense

✔️ Burning duration: 16 hours

✔️ Relaxing effect

💤 Promotes sleep

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This powdery floral scent is designed to calm the mind and prepare our body to go for rest. It helps to release what we experienced during the day and prepares us to enter the world of dreams.

WA:IT incense is made ethically in Awaji lsland with all­ natural italian origin ingredients, there are many benefits you can reap from this experience, the act of indulging our olfactory senses is more powerful than you might realize.

The idea of aromatherapy is based on the fact that aromatic substances can be used for healing and medical purposes, when we take in a smell, signals are sent to our limbic system, this part of the brain is responsible for memory, emotion, and hormone regulation. Different scents trigger different responses in our brain.



Helps to counteract fatigue

It promotes inner peace and has a relaxing effect

It connects you with your inner being

Promotes rested sleep



Machilus thunbergii powder, mix of botanical oils



WA: IT incenses are handcrafted and ethically produced on Awaji Island.

They are natural incenses without the use of chemical glue, the wood dust is mixed with hot water to obtain a natural adhesive effect, there are no synthetic dyes.

The boxes are made in Italy with Shiro Eco paper, recyclable, biodegradable, FSC ™ certified. The CO2 emissions generated are fully offset.




Machilus thunbergii powder, mix of botanical oils.

Directions for use

Light the incense and let yourself relax.

The benefits of incense

✔️ Helps counteract fatigue

✔️ Promotes inner peace and has a relaxing effect

✔️ It connects you with your inner being

✔️ Promotes restful sleep

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WA:IT Incense: a sensorial journey between Italy and Japan

Incense WA:IT

From natural Italian perfumes to Japanese mastery, a perfect balance for your mind.

WA:IT incense is made on Awaji Island in Japan.

They are ethically made with natural Italian raw materials.

How WA:IT incense is born

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