FUROSHIKI UKIYO-E Red Mount Fuji (art.11)

FUROSHIKI UKIYO-E Red Mount Fuji (art.11)

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The Furoshiki is used to carry all kinds of things. There are many folding techniques that can be used, each of which gives the Furoshiki a different look.
Usually the object to be wrapped is positioned diagonally in the center of the piece of fabric, and at that point it begins to be wrapped.

Dimensions: 48 x 48 cm (18.9″ x 18.9″)
Weight: 44 g.
Material: 100% cotton
Made in Japan

Ukiyo-e is one of the traditional arts of Japan. He had a great artistic influence overseas in the late 1800s.
This series of 50cm square motifs is taken from the world of Ukiyo-e. One of the masterpieces of Hokusai's work. It is also called Red Fuji. Hokusai captured the moment in early autumn, when the morning sun covers Mount Fuji in red creating a majestic atmosphere.

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